Re: Stripping down Debian Squeeze

On 16/01/12 17:29, Bijoy Lobo wrote:

I did a netinstall of Debian and installed the 4 modules (Squid,
iptables, Snort and VPN). All seem tobe in less than 1 GB. Anything
else i should look out for?

That's about right if you're also running Apache and a web cgi interface
for remote access - minimal (not including Snort and Squid) is about 130MB.
If it helps I've put a list of packages on a stripped down (128MB)
system here:-


On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 2:28 PM, Andrei Popescu
<andreimpopescu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sb, 14 ian 12, 20:29:40, Brad Alexander wrote:

1. Do a base install of Debian. During the install, at the Software
Selection screen where it asks what to install, *uncheck everything* --
except for ssh server, if you want that. This will give you the absolute
minimal install possible.

As far as I know this includes Essential, Required and Important. This
can be trimmed down even further, but it gets very difficult and you
have to know what you're doing.

2. After reboot, do an

� � � � aptitude update ; aptitude install squid3 snort openvpn iptables

� � This will give you your required packages and nothing else.

I would disable Recommends first, I think this fits the definition of an
"unusual" installation :) But do check out the recommended packages,
there might be something you do need.

Kind regards,
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