Re: Securing Debian

On 26/01/12 16:12, Stayvoid wrote:
Hello there!

I'm going to run my own server (website + MTA).
Here is the chosen solution: (Debian 6 64 bits without
Gandi AI).
Is it OK?

This is my first attempt to administer a server and I want to be as
secure as possible.
Could you give any advice on this topic? What should be done in the first place?
Are there any Gentoo-Hardened-like security addons available for Debian?

I'm thinking about Apache + Postfix. I also want to read my mail
through Emacs (Rmail). Should I install anything else to make it work
(SSH etc.)?

I'd like to use this server as a proxy too. (I don't want to give
anyone a chance to look through my traffic.) Is it a good idea? Is it
even possible? Are there any better solutions for this purpose?

The first thing you should look at is

(Which just happens to be the first match when googling the subject of this email)


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