Re: Lenny security support dropped

Andrew Wood wrote:

Well, I love Debian Lenny, the first release that I use regularly,
it's very sad news
It was the first version of Debian I used too

It was my eighth release of debian -- Man, do I feel old now ;-)

but I wouldnt call it a sad day. On the contrary Im excited for
the future of Debian - Wheezy and Gnome 3 look great.

For my desktop I am less into look and more into functions. Gnome3
comes are some nice ideas with good usability.

Using Wheezy as my main desktop OS now. Used to
be a Mac fan but hate the new UI in OS X Lion, think Gnome 3 is much
more elegant.

It sure is elegant. If only it would be less patronizing.
Lots of formerly already few available config options are simply
gone. Many others are better hidden than ever before. E.g. there
is no GUI way to configure the backdrop of gdm any more. The top
panel is not configurable at all. More panels need some trickery
to spawn in the first place. There is no power off item in the
panel menu, only log-out...

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