grub gets confused when I upgrade the kernel

I have two different Debian systems on my EEEPC -- stable and testing.

Whenever testing installs a new kernel as a result of the routing update,
my grub/menu.list file gets rewritten. WHen it does this, it matches the
kernels I have in one Debian sysstem with the fie-system root I have in
the other. I have to hand-edit menu.list to make things right again,
using static boot stanzas in front of the AUTOMAGIC KERNEL LIST.

(a) Is there any way I can stop this misbehaviour?

(b) If I were to progress to grub2, where I gather I can't take control
of the boot process by editing menu.lst, is there some other way of
making sure things go right? I fear that one of these years, upgrading
to grub2 will become inevitable.

-- hendrik

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