Is it wrong when use

rsync -azvu source destination

sent 16 bytes received 43 bytes 5.13 bytes/sec
total size is 1507939808 speedup is 25558301.83

Destination $ du -sh md_0.xtc
342M md_0.xtc

Source $ du -sh md_0.xtc
1.5G md_0.xtc

my confusion is that
why it stopped copy the rest.

Actually I got lots of questions but hesitated to ask, afraid of being
told that those are in manuals. I have read several times but couldn't
figure it out.

[1] suppose I use scp, due to the wireless is not stable, down, Can I
continue transferring?

[2] When I ssh to a server, can I set up the terminal the same as when we
open a tab in termial, it will be in that directory of the present
tab's directory,
can I open a tab in termial, with ssh connected, can it also in that
server's directory, not home directory?

Really appreciate your answer,

Best regards,

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