Re: [OT] munin

On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 4:20 PM, Bob Proulx <bob@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Brad Alexander wrote:
Can anyone tell me why these 5 nodes will not connect to the server
and refuses connections to localhost and ::1?

For what it is worth I have exactly the same problem on Sid.  Works
okay on Squeeze.  Broken on Sid.  Sid the munin-node doesn't bind to
an IPv4 accessible address.

My problem is that there is no rhyme or reason to this. Statistically,
it seems to be across the board. I have 14 machines that I am trying
to get set up. Of those, 7 are physical machines and 8 are OpenVZ
containers. 9 are working, 5 are not. Here is what I am looking at

lenny: 1
squeeze: 3
wheezy: 1
sid: 4

wheezy: 2
sid: 3

The versions in wheezy and sid are the same (1.4.6-3), the version in
squeeze is 1.4.5-3 and the version in lenny is 1.2.6-10~lenny2.

So since the problem seems to be so widespread, I'm guessing it has to
be something with the way the machine is configured...I have looked at
a lot of the usual suspects (logs, firewall, etc) but have come up


This used to work fine in Sid up through around the end of September
2011 but then was broken by some upgrade.  I note that it was broken
then but forgot to go back and look as to why or what broke it.  Your
note here reminds me of this and tells me that I should go look to see
why.  All of my production systems run Stable and so hasn't been on my
radar.  Out of sight and out of mind.  But definitely needs to be
investigated and resolved before Wheezy releases.  (That should put
this clearly on-topic for debian-user. <smile>)

Check the version of munin-node and dependencies of it on all of your
systems and you will find it correlated to one of the versions.


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