Re: Can no longer mount SDHC card

Camaleón wrote:
Wilko Fokken wrote:
Camaleón wrote:
Open a terminal, run "dmesg | tail" and then insert the card to see
what's going on.

Should'nt it be written:

run "dmesg | tail -f" ?

I only wanted to print the last few line from dmesg, nothing interactive.

The issue everyone was poking at was the order of actions. If you run
"dmesg|tail" first before inserting the card then that is before and
there won't be any messages about it yet. Instead the order would be
to insert the card first and then run dmesg afterward to see what
output it produced.

But that output may be slow to be emitted over time. I think it is
better to tail the syslog file.

AFAIK /var/log/syslog would would have all of the same information as
dmesg and so tail'ing with -f it would give real-time coverage of the
messages and no need to repeatedly run the dmesg command.


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