printer Kyocera FSC-5100DN

Hey guys,

Debian testing (wheezy) has recognized the network printer Kyocera
FSC-5100DN correctly, I have first taken the driver offered by Debian
and then the one offered by Kyocera. If I print I standard text
document created for eg. by Libre Office, it works fine. If I want to
print a PDF produced by pdfLaTex, it might print one page but if I
print a larger amount, I get the following printout error message:


and nothing is printed anymore. KPDL is put on AUTO and I have to say,
that in Ubuntu 11.10, the printer is recognized as well and the native
Ubuntu driver has been install. On this computer, printing of the same
document works without any problems. I can print the docs only if I
generate PS files. Furthermore, I have to mention that there was once
some problem on Ubuntu systems wich might be related:

Attached a PDF where this problem appears. Is there a way to take the
Ubuntu PPD file? And if, how I get it to try on the Debian system?


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