Re: [OT] Posting styles

On 08/04/12 23:54, PMA wrote:

I was caught up thinking how a personal signature -- choosing in a
given instance to enter it or not -- can affect a message's import,
separately from the issue of verification.

Oh good - I couldn't get my head around it when applied to a digital
signature used to show the post had not been modified since sending, and
was sent by the person claiming to have sent it.

(And I realize I might better have kept this to myself.)

Too late - the secret is out. Now I know not everyone understands what
is meant by validated signature. :-)


I have no wish to ignore the convention. My memory's failing some.
I'll attune better to *which* posting convention (list) I find myself

My bad - I'd mistaken you for someone trolling the "it's not a rule"
"let's vote on it" line :-(
Hopefully I'll learn from this (latest) error of judgement on my part.
Perhaps in time you'll forgive me.

Kind regards

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