Re: OT: favorite free-software email-subscription / feeds.

On Sun, 08 Apr 2012 22:15:21 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

Good time of the day, Camaleón.

Thank You for Your time and answer:


As I said, I think they're following different targets although the
above is not always so, I mean, you can find a company using e-mail
based alerts in a very similar way it does RSS and viceversa (you can
get very, very long and detailed RSS feeds, holding images, audio,

PK. You have convicted me w/ advantages of feeds over email.

Hope this has no bad drawbacks :-)

One thing that troubles my hearts - is it possible in the readers to
remove items in a way that it never appears again on the list when the
feeds are updated?

I have tried w/ liferea - and it truly has more features than the
claws-mail's plug-in - but to my sorrow it again re-lists the removed
items so that I read through it again.

Any idea? OR You simply discern it by read/unread tokens in font?

Mmmm, there's an option (for every feed source) you can configure to
disable cache, not sure about what it does :-?

But now you tell... I have no special configuration for the feeds (all
use cache and are automatically managed by the app) but if I manually
deleted one feed, quit from Liferea, start it again and I update that rss
chanel, the feed I deleted is not coming back.

I'm using and old Liferea (1.4.18) so this could have been changed in
updated versions (or can be indeed seen as a bug :-P). What version are
you running?



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