Re: [OT] Manually verifying PGP/MIME signature with GPG

On 09.04.2012 19:54, Camaleón wrote:
PS. Sorry again for typoing PGP/MIME as S/MIME.

You said PGP/MIME, I got S/MIME O:-)

Look at "man gpg", there must be also an option here for verifiying the


I wrote
I have promised to move to S/MIME (with devices which support it) when
someone on this list tells me how do I manually verify PGP/MIME
signature in case email client cannot be used to do it.
, so I misspelled it once too.

Mika Suomalainen
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 4DB53CFE82A46728
Key fingerprint = 24BC 1573 B8EE D666 D10A AA65 4DB5 3CFE 82A4 6728

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