Re: Authentication issues trying to log onto a box as a standard user, and cron jobs...

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 15:20, Bob Proulx <bob@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Good.  Can you log in as the non-root user?

No, all users on this box are from NIS.

Yes.  Stop all other lines of debugging and focus on this issue.  Why
is there an error there?  Can you log in as that user?

 laltest@lal-squeeze:~$ su -l laltest

No, as this account is a special account without a password. We can
only log into this account using a shared ssh key.

If not then why not?  Start debugging there.

Also I have a cron job scheduled, via crontab, to run at 21:01
everyday. It fails to run and the only reference to this I can find in
the logs is the following:
Apr  8 21:01:01 lal-squeeze CRON[14107]: Authentication failure
So I imagine that this is a different manifestation of the same problem.

Everything points to the same problem.  Debug it first.

Any recommendations on how to debug this issue?

Look in /var/log/syslog for messages.  Look in /var/log/auth.log for

I can't see anything in the logs around the time that I try and
connect to the box.



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