Re: Upgrading to an SSD

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 09:22:23AM +0100, Paul Lewis wrote:
I like to try out one of the newish Solid State drives. What has
prompted this is that my machine has started to complain about low disk
space on /root.

Using disk analyser I can see there is loads of free disk space.

This is a 250GB drive but only 22GB is actually being used. Suggesting
to me that I could easily shoehorn my whole operating system (including
home partition ) into one of the cheapish 64GB ss drives.

I'd like to convert my existing hard drive to hold media from the TTV
reciever and perhaps reinstall MythTV absent for a year or so.

Here is my concern. When I installed this system I elected to encrypt
the drive and use lvm.

1. I'd like to avoid 'root' full errors in future.

Is your root partition on the LVM? If not, you might want to consider
making a new LV (perhaps shrinking one of your other partitions and
reclaiming some of that 200GB free space) for root. You could then boot
into a LiveCD, rsync from the old root partition to the new partition
and then update bootloader, fstab etc. Et Voila, you're booting from
root on LVM. Next time root gets full, add a few extents to it.

2. Assuming I have my SSD installed and formatted, what would be the
best, simplest and most trouble free process to move everything from my
existing hard drive to the new SSD?

You might be able to do this online by creating a PV on the SSD, add it
to your VG and then use "pvmove" to migrate LVs between the disks.

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