Apache2 and Debian

I'm trying to set up a web server under Debian, with Apache2, and i
don't understand the configuration. IThe original setup for Debian and
Apache2 has /var/www as the root of the web server. I've created a
number of folders below it for individual packages, such as:


These all work fine.

Now I'm trying to move the default document root to /var/www/website,
and that's where the problem is coming in. I can read/display the
index.html file from http://localhost/ , but I cannot read/display *.php
from it. All I'm getting from any php files is the HTML; the php appears
to not be executing. PHP is loaded properly, or phpmyadmin, phpmyedit,
mediawiki, and phpbb3 wouldn't work, and they do.

So it's a configuration problem.

Anyone care to walk me through checking permissions and configuration
files, starting with a default document root of /var/www/website and
intending to serve out html and process PHP files from all folders below

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