/dev/vbi0 is missing

Hi List,

since almost a week I got the problem, that I cannot watch TV on my systems.
This is with a BTTV-card as well as with an usb-dvb-t adapter.

Both worked fine before.

I think, the reason is a missing /dev/vbi link, which should be created by
udev. I am not very experienced with /dev/symlinks, but alli can say is, that
MAKEDEV could not help. I tried also to add a device link, but this did not
work for me.

As this problem appeared on several systems at the same time, I suppose, it is
a bug.

I tried kaffeine, Me-tv, zapping and xawtv with no success.
For me-tv I can say, I get a video, but cannot switch to any other program
then the running one. Also hovering the mouse over me-tv let the mouse-pointer
disappear (which might not be important at the moment).

Can I test something else?

Best regards


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