Re: about java and wheezy

On 13/05/12 01:28 PM, Francesco Pietra wrote:

Installation of openjdk-6-jdk in wheezy i386 would lead to deletion of
much gnome, including openoffice, with reinstallation of gnome and
abiword, but not of openoffice/libreoffice, if I understand.
Otherwise, java is often useful.

Any suggestion about?


francesco pietra

OpenOffice is usually not in a modern disto like Wheezy. Instead it uses LibreOffice. I have LibreOffice and openjdk working fine in Wheezy with or without Gnome (I normally use KDE but installed Gnome to try it out and to use when KDE gives me problems in Wheezy).

If openjdk is replacing a different jdk, it could be that the removal/reinstallation is really updating the jdk setup and links.

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