Wheezy removed ifupdown

Hi all

After upgrading the packages in Wheezy amd64 I can't connect to the
network anymore. This is on my htpc where I only have xbmc running. So no
gnome, kde, etc.
Every other computer in the network has no problems.

I can't even ping localhost. It says "connect: Network is unreachable".
What I can do is assign a network address manually. But this doesn't help.

When I try ifdown eth0 it tells me that the command is not found. In the
apt history.log (which you can find below) one can find "Remove:
ifupdown:amd64 (0.7~alpha5+really0.6.16)" which for me seems to be the
cause of the problem.

I now downloaded the package from my laptop, copied it to a usb stick and
installed it with dpkg -i.

But the problem is when I do a dist-upgrade it will ignore the ifupdown
package? Should I now just install the package with apt-get again?
And why did this happen?

(Maybe not interesting because I only use apt-get)


Best regards

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