Re: Install Squeeze with firmware

On Thu 24 May 2012 at 19:29:59 +0200, Antispammbox-debian wrote:

I try with cat isofile.iso > /dev/sdb1, but the filesystem created on usb do
not compatible with
boot from usb.

The command is

cat isofile.iso > /dev/sdb

Look - it is 'b', not 'b1'. isofile.iso is written to the whole device,
not to a partition on it.

Put tigon_tg3.bin on the root of usb2. Make sure it is a FAT16 partition
*and* is formatted with mkfs.vfat. Only insert usb2 when the installer
asks for firmware. Write down *exactly* what it says and make a note of
*exactly* what happens.

There is another way to proceed if the firmware is not loaded but let us
see what happens first.

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