Re: kde menu missing back arrow widget

On Thu, 24 May 2012 20:41:37 +0000, Cousin Stanley wrote:

Camaleón wrote:

Google suggests it was deliberately removed:

Cousin Camaleón ....

I did google-ize a bit before posting here but missed the kickoff
that is relevant to the missing back arrow widget on the menus ....

I always use the traditional menu when have to load a KDE desktop; I
never liked the way that "kickoff" worked.

At least it's good to know I'm not alone with this particular
problem ....

To be sincere, I was not aware of the arrow. The few times I used the new
menu it was not there, probably because of the KDE version I used.

Thanks for taking the time to help ....

You're welcome.

If you're interested in getting the back-arrow back, you can open a
whishlist report at KDE bugzilla though I won't expect any movement in
this direction...



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