Re: Warning Regarding Microsoft

From: Donald Correll (
Date: 02/14/04

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    Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 03:36:58 -0500

    Hey Wayde,
      Too bad I have to eat. I work in a corporate environment where Linux
    is a niche player. I love to experiment with Linux and Free BSD but the
    bread and butter is still with Sore Bill and Micro$haft. Worse yet when
    my son wants to play games it is XP home. Wouldn't it be lovely if we
    could banish the bullies from Redmond but it is going to be a long
    battle. So grin and just enjopy whatever OS you are forced to work with
    (when you have no other choice).
    Donald Correll, who wishes he could get the money back he spent on MCP
    70-210 and reinvest in Linux Net Admin.

    >Re: Just a warning regarding Microsoft, with that company, there is always a
    >catch. You may be aware that Microsoft is helping fund SCO's (baseless)
    >battle against Linux. For many of alt.os users (Linux, FreeBSD, and so
    >on) like myself still considers Microsoft the 'Evil Empire'.
    >-Wayde Gutman
    >A Microsoft-free Home Environment (Linux and Mac)
    >in Tucson, Arizona.

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