Re: question on sendmail/procmail and vipul razor

From: Alexander Dalloz (
Date: 02/17/04

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    Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 02:00:42 +0100

    Am Di, den 17.02.2004 schrieb Andrew Robert um 01:44:
    > Hi Everyone,
    > Could someone please advise on how to switch over from the default
    > sendmail to procmail under Fedora CORE1?

    You say procmail and mean postfix :)

    > I would like to avoid some of the security problems that sendmail has
    > had as well as integrate Vipuls Razor anti-spam tool to the procmail
    > filters.

    Hm, these bugs (lst IMHO was in October '03) are fixed. Why don't you
    stay with Sendmail where you might know how to integrate SPAM fighting
    tools? Sorry, I do not want to start a holy MTA war. I just can
    recommend using Sendmail + MimeDefang + SpamAssassin, which would
    integrate Razor and more tools as well.

    > I already have Evolution 1.45 integrated with Spam Assassin but Razor
    > appears to be more effective.
    > Any insight you might have on this would be greatly appreciated.


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