Re: RH rips again Was: extend EOL for Red Hat Linux 9?

From: Jay Daniels (
Date: 04/13/04

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    Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 01:40:41 -0400
    To: For users of Fedora Core releases <>

    On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 06:18:38PM -0600, Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
    > At 14:02 4/12/2004, you wrote:
    > >The point was that for those who paid for RH9 service that moving to RHWS
    > >isn't truly an upgrade if you're using any of the missing features.
    > The original poster (Guy Fraser) said he got "ripped off" because RH
    > discontinued 9. I said that he would have an OS available for the life of
    > his subscription, and that (despite having notified of the EOL previously)
    > RH had attempted to compensate him for said EOL by providing access (for no
    > additional cost) to an OS which *they* perceive to be better than what he
    > had before since it has an EOL approximately in 2008.
    > Whether you or I see it as an upgrade is *not* the point. Guy said he got
    > ripped off, I say he didn't... he got something of value throughout the
    > life of his subscription.

    Let's see, he paid for something that is essentially free. Got ripped
    off? that's a matter of opinion.

    When I purchased Redhat 7.3 they sent me an email 2 weeks after I
    registered saying my 30 day email support had expired. Apparently RH
    can't count. Maybe it was because the date on my computer was fuxored
    after installing redhat, see date/time bug errata... heehee, they
    couldn't even get the time zone stuff right before pressing the

    My opinion is that all the redhat releases should have been test
    releases and were not all that stable either. For instance, when
    installing redhat on different computers and different monitors the
    installer screen was offset on all of them. That seems pretty simple
    to me to create an installer that would be centered on the screen, but
    apparently with Redhat it wasn't... installing windows on the same
    boxes, the windows installer automatically centered the screen. I
    expect more from a "commercial" Linux distribution.

    Goes to show that million or should I say billions of dollars does not
    create the perfect Linux distro.

    Look what Apple has done with the Mac OSX. Linux distros are years
    ahead of OSX, but they don't even compare - except for the price.

    All in all, I think redhat has contributed a lot to Linux and the
    opensource community. On the otherhand, they have made millions off
    something that is free. 30 day emails support, a crock of shit. The
    cheap linux cds online are just as good, and the manual sold with
    Redhat distros are pretty lame.

    Considering what you get, I would call it a ripoff compared to the
    excellent Linux magazines like the Linux Journal and other Linux books
    which come with a free distro on cdrom and now on DVD.

    However, comparing RedHat to MS Windows, you decide;)

    RedHat took advantage of newbies by offering a very appealing
    boxed set with manual in retail stores even after they knew 9.0 was
    history! It should have never been sold in retail outlets. I guess
    they know that now. But they screwed up trying to grab the desktop
    market with of all things bad cdroms that were defective, installer
    that crashed and was not centered on the screen, etc...

    I bet newbies (not knowing anything about Linux) after hearing how
    great Linux was then went out and purchased RedHat Linux said, what a

    Requardless of your facts, dates and links, I understand this user's
    frustrations. Live and learn. RedHat will probably die sometime
    during our lifetime. In any case, I don't think investing in RedHat
    today is a good idea.

    The prices redhat charges goes way beyond the price of packaging!
    Slackware Linux is just as good as redhat without the fancy GUI
    installer. The only real advantage of RH is that since it's so
    popular there are lot of hardware support for it coming out of intel
    and other manufacturers like adaptec. More hardware support means
    more users and this is the main reason redhat is still alive.

    I hope one day a Linux distro is actually that, Linux! All packages
    are the same and hardware support is universal. I know Linux is not
    X, KDE, or Gnome, but Linux has already become a desktop OS whether
    you like it or not.

    It is apparent that Redhat has pissed off a lot of would-be Linux



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