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Date: 04/27/04

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    Subject: converting user to linux
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    my wife has expereinced microsoft windows trouble. mainly, virus and
    trojan problems and the free avg program doesn't help resolve or
    remove these virus'

    i see this as an oppertunity to convert her to Linux on her Sony VAIO
    laptop. however, i don't want to hear her bitchin' and complaining for
    the next 20 years or ever how long i have left;)

    she bought me a licensed copy of windows xp pro last year. after
    experimenting with this os for a few weeks, i removed the windows
    partition and upgraded to fedora from rh 9.

    she is reasonable in thinking since i no longer use xp pro, that i
    could install it on her laptop. i tried to explain that would require
    calling microsoft and getting them to activate this copy of xp pro on
    another machine which is all legal since i no longer have xp installed
    on my box. well, i've already switched boxes twice with this copy of
    XP and i'm not calling them again:)

    then again, it may not be legal?

    i also tried to explain that wiping the drive on the laptop and
    reinstalling is not as easy as it use to be, especially when dealing
    with xp on a laptop. in fact, it may even be easier to install

    i think as long as i can get mp3's to play requiring her builtin sound
    to work and get her dvd/cdrw to work she would be statisfied with
    fedora. i would not have to install any smtp server or email clients
    since she uses squirrelmail on my server and also yahoo for mail.

    with all the security patches and updates with XP, restoring and
    updating and patching may take 48 hours or more. plus installing all
    those other programs not included with Windows, this may take a week!

    it may be more practical to install fedora on this sony laptop.
    laptop: Sony VAIO
    model is: PCG-FR130
    sony dvd cdrw drive

    what do you think, do i stand a chance to convert her to Linux or am i
    wasting my time? she basically uses the laptop as a desktop pc to
    read mail via a webmail service, surf the net, purchase online,
    save family photos to cdr, and print stuff. she would use X almost
    entirely with the mouse under a normal user account. she also has no
    interest in learning unix/linux commands or the shell. has anyone
    tried to convert someone to Linux, how did it go?



    Jay - go for it! I did this for my very non-techie girlfriend. The
    transistion was probably more transparent for her than 'techinical'
    users - as her scope of usage was very limited to start with. One word
    of advice though: Don't expect her to undertand about HTML formats etc.
    Your missus is probably used to using IE and some of the sites she likes
    won't work the same or not at all with konqueror/mozilla/firefox (my
    girlfriend is in the fashion industry - they don't do technical). I
    installed IE under WINE for those hard to reach sites after a
    considerable battle of wits (which she won). However, she's been fully
    versed on good Vs bad site design and now only uses firefox :-D.

    You won't regret it. I'd also ask Microsoft for a refund on their shelfware.



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