Fedora core 3 feature requests

From: Rahul Sundaram (rahulsundaram_at_yahoo.co.in)
Date: 07/05/04

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    Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 16:36:57 -0700 (PDT)
    To: fedora-list@redhat.com

    Fedora core 3 - Feature requests
    I am not sure whether it is too late but I will post
    my thoughts on the upcoming fedora core 3 release.

    Things that will not be there

    Since many people using bring this up I am adding this
    upfront to avoid unnecessary stuff. All these have
    potential legal issues and probably will not be

    Mp3 playback
    DVD playback
    NTFS support
    All your favorite software :-)

    Feature Requests

    * Organisation of packages

            CD reorganisation to realise the goals of seperating
    the packages as core, alternatives and extras. This
    would mean that Fedora core would just be 1 CD where
    we will get the defaults for many stuff. The rest
    would be available in other CD's not part of core.
    Those who download all the CD's will have no
    difference and will be able to choose the stuff they
    like instead of the defaults

    So what would be defaults?

    Desktop Environment - Gnome (redhat focus)
    Browser - Mozilla Firefox? (1.0 would be release
    PIM - Evolution
    Office Suite - Openoffice.org
    Media player - Totem with gstreamer backend

    Web server - Apache
    FTP server - vsftp
    DNS server - Bind
    Email server - Postfix? ( easier, better security)
    Database server - MySQL


    Desktop Environment - KDE
    Browser - Mozilla,Konqueror, Ephiphany
    PIM - Kontact
    Office applications - Koffice, Abiword, Gnumeric

    Email server - Sendmail, Exim
    Database server - PostgreSQL, Firebird?


    Alleg - alleg.sf.net

    Basic docs like Installation and reference guides.


    Disable as much as services by default as possible or
    provide an option during installation to do it the way
    the user wants with good defaults.


    Stay as close to the upstream version for all packages
    including desktop enviroments. If only Gnome is
    provided in core we dont need to similar interfaces
    for gnome and kde. Bluecurve could be the default
    theme though since its a well known feature


    Open up cvs/subversion access to packages
    Include a wiki
    Provide packaging guidelines
    Allow volunteers to include packages.
    Get upstream developers involved in bug reports and
    packaging if possible
    Incorporate the fedora planet for blogs
    Provide links to all fedora related sites

    * Include a groupware suite - Kolab ?
    * Command line equivalents to system-config-* for what
    is missing
    * System-config-packages should have an option to
    install third party packages
    * Udev - Enabled by default ( Gnome volume manager
    requires it, good thing)
    * SELinux - Enabled by default ( needs good exposure)
    * NX Support other than VNC - see
    http://dot.kde.org/1088363665/ ( Better speed, more
    * Include clamav for scanning windows viruses (Useful
    for Hetrogenous networks and web hosting)

    Rahul Sundaram

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