Re: thunderbird 0.6 only ?

From: Shawn Milo (
Date: 09/28/04

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    Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 18:06:56 -0400
    To: For users of Fedora Core releases <>

    Philippe wrote:

    >I would like to try thundebird, just in case it feets better my need
    >than Evolution, but the only rpm I can find on the official repository
    >is thunderbird-0.6, and no 0.8 !
    >Is it because they need time to test it, or because this is not in the
    >Fedora package favorites ? Compared to Firefox, the rpm is not so old
    >(0.93 instead of 1.0-rc1).
    >Any hints about this ? (I did not find thunderbird in livna,,
    >dag, freshrpms, stable , testing or even unstable.)
    I did:
    yum install thunderbird

    on my FC3 test 2 installation, and it installed Thunderbird 0.8.
    I'm on it right now, and it worked without a hitch.

    My apologies if this isn't available in FC2.


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