zoe: itunes m4a and other problems

Date: 02/03/05

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    Date: Thu,  3 Feb 2005 04:38:31 -0500
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    thanks to all who gave advice on earlier questions;
    I was able to mount my hfs plus drive, after discovering that filesystem tag
    is "hfsplus" and not "hfs+ or "hpfs" (I have no idea what hpfs is, but it was
    mentioned in the man page for mount, while hfsplus wasn't.) I was able to back
    it up with my new DVD burner with little problem, reformat and re-install.
    Thanks :)

    After downloading and installing a bunch of individual packages I was able to
    get mplayer, vlc, and ogle to install. VLC works but is slow. Ogle didn't
    even have the courtesy to install a man page, and it crashes every time I try
    to launch it, leaving a frozen terminal window behind. Perhaps I made a
    mistake in installing it.

    I've had the best luck with mplayer, although I had to spend a few hours
    reading the man page. It will play DVD's, although not very well, the video is
    sort of 'jerky'. No doubt my PII 350 isn't up to the challange of decoding.
    My understanding of the situation is that I could get a faster processor, or
    try to find a compatible (AGP 1x) video card with hardware DVD decoding. It
    seems like a new processor might be the more useful of the two, as it would
    make other tasks faster as well.

    1. At what point are intel/amd processors able to fully decode/display DVD
    video? I've seen PIII boards for relatively cheap at the sunday market, and
    with a trade in it probably wouldn't cost too much. Is a PIII sufficent for
    such a task? what MHZ should I be thinking about?

    2. Almost all of my music is in the iTunes (m4a) format. (a few months ago I
    used an iBook. cash ran out and I had to hock it.) Only about 10% of it
    plays, the rest doesn't, mplayer prints out pages upon pages of errors, opens a
    large video display window, then prints end of file. The music which does play
    is that which I ripped from CD after buying the iBook or that which is in mp3
    format; the music which does NOT play was ripped with an earlier version of
    iTunes on a beige G3. I've heard of people having similar problems with iPods,
    and I believe their solution was to 'update' the formatting of their music
    files with iTunes.

    Does anyone know what exactly the problem is? perhaps with the right arguments
    mplayer can play these correctly? is my only option an XP and iTunes install
    followed by a tedious re-encoding?

    3. Someone reccomended tux commander for use as a file browser. I've tried it
    and like it a lot. Specifically, I like the ability to create multiple options
    for file types which appear in the contextual menus. What I would really like
    to be able to do is create an action for music files which would print the
    absolute path of the file to the last line of a given text file, which could
    then be used as a playlist for mplayer. Is there a command which will print
    the complete path of a file? (I know there is a way to do this using the '>'
    symbol, where one can append the displayed text resulting from a command to a
    file ex: cat something.txt > somethingelse.txt) I know that 'pwd' displays the
    complete path of the current directory, is there a similar command that one can
    apply to a file?

    4. Before, when I was working off the 4 gig. drive and did not have Gnome,
    KDE, or XFCE installed I was able to start an X session which would load only a
    clock and a terminal window. Now that these guis are installed, this appears
    not to be an option. Is it still possible to launch x11 without launching
    Gnome, KDE etc.?



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