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From: Maxim Eremeev (
Date: 02/08/05

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    Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 19:46:23 +0300
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    David Klose wrote:

    | Ill be trying all the methods. Thanks for your time
    | --- Aleksandar Milivojevic <> escribió:
    |> David Klose wrote:
    |>> Yes, i have one cdrw drive and this dvdrw drive. The cd drive
    |>> is set as primary slave, while the
    |> dvd is
    |>> set as secondary master.
    |> Than the problem is with your BIOS (basically, this means you
    |> will not be able to boot anything from your DVD), and solution is
    |> dependent on the type of BIOS you have in your PC.
    |> Some things to try. Note that these are only hints, every BIOS
    |> is different. Your BIOS might support some of this
    |> features/tricks, or it might not support any of them. In later
    |> case, the only way to go would be to rewire your PC (swap CD/RW
    |> drive and DVD/RW drive, or temporarely remove CD/RW drive).
    |> Well, there's one more trick in this case that should work, at
    |> the very end of this email.
    |> Some BIOSes will scan all CD-ROM/DVD devices and boot from first
    |> that contains bootable CD (if any). Obviously, your BIOS is not
    |> doing this.
    |> On some BIOSes, it is possible to specify which CD-ROM/DVD to use
    |> for booting (go to boot options, select line that says 'CD-ROM'
    |> or something similar, press enter, you get the list of CD-ROM/DVD
    |> devices, select your DVD).
    |> On some BIOSes, if you press 'ESC' key during memory test (to
    |> abort memory tests), you will be prompted with list of all
    |> potentially bootable devices (you should see at least floppy, all
    |> disk drives, and all CD-ROM/DVD drives on this list), and you
    |> will be able to choose from wich to boot (simply select your DVD
    |> from the list). You might need to disable "fast boot", "skip
    |> POST" or any similar option in BIOS to make it do memory test
    |> that will last long enough for you to have time to press ESC
    |> (sometimes with those options enabled, BIOS doesn't perform
    |> memory test, or it is so fast that you don't have time to press
    |> ESC).
    |> If none of the above tricks work with your BIOS (meaning it is
    |> able to boot only from first CD/DVD drive it finds), I'm affraid
    |> rewiring is (almost) the only option. Almost, because there's
    |> one more trick you can try. If you don't want to rewire, you
    |> might try downloading Rescue CD (80MB or so ISO image) and
    |> burning it to CD. Place it in your CD-ROM drive. Place install
    |> DVD into DVD drive. Boot from Rescue CD. On first boot prompt
    |> (as soon as CD is booted and you get Fedora splash screen) type
    |> "linux askmethod". Boot loader will load Linux kernel and start
    |> Anaconda installer (just the same as if you booted from install
    |> DVD). At one point during install it will ask you from where do
    |> you want to install (the "askmethod" option). Choose your DVD
    |> drive.
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    In most cases there is no need in rewiring/disconnecting anything.
    Could you just give me your motherboard name/manufacturer? You can
    send it to my personal e-mail, as the problem, actually does not have
    anything to do with FC.
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