Re: Fedora Core Off Topic List (was: Linux sucks? )

From: Mark Weaver (
Date: 02/14/05

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    Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 09:32:42 -0500
    To: For users of Fedora Core releases <>

    Chadley Wilson wrote:
    > On Sunday 13 February 2005 23:16, Dennis Shaw wrote:
    > You know this "linux sucks?" thread may be informative and you guys can all
    > get the latest new and updates and do all the comparing you like.
    > But while you waste a bit of band with a bit of time, there are some of us
    > that really need assistance, Since you guys are the brains here and have all
    > the answers,
    > Why don't you try and help out in a contructive way.
    > I have for three or four days, been posting for support with setting up a
    > dial-in server and have had one or two replies which have not helped solve
    > the problem. The one person is on the other side of the worl to me, So when
    > he answers I sleep and when I ask he sleeps.
    > Now I am hunting for any new replies and there aren't any, WHY? because the
    > brains of Fedora are debating "Linux sucks?"
    > Why don't one of you, with the most brains of course, start a fedora flame
    > list.
    > The benfits this will have to the community are as follows:
    > 1. Less traffic on the main list
    > 2. All flames will be gathered in one place for easy access
    > 3. Developers could look through the flame wars and look for valid urguments
    > thus improving the software.
    > 4. Those of us who are generally not interested in debating and only seek to
    > provide contructive help or be helped contructively, can do in peace.
    > 5. All of you can blast each other all day with out being disturbed by some
    > like me.
    > Now must I repost my dial-in server problem or will some one Please look it up
    > and see if you can see what is wrong?
    > Thank You
    > for your time
    > and sorry for butting in.

    Ask and you shall receive...

    Per your request Chad I've created the fedora-flame list. Its an off
    topic list so there's literally nothing that is out of bounds for the
    list where posting and topics are concerned. You can post about Fedora
    Core of anything at all really.

    you can find list information and subscription information at this address:

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