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From: Charles Curley (
Date: 05/17/05

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    Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 09:38:17 -0600
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    On Tue, May 17, 2005 at 11:18:35AM -0400, Tim Holmes wrote:
    > Good Morning Everyone:
    > I have just found out that it is not possible to back up our fedora
    > servers using our current backup solution (veritas 10 for windows) -
    > the remote agent will not work on Fedora. So I am at the point of
    > needing some help, I need some form of a backup solution that will allow
    > us to back up the fedora boxes either using the veritas server (like a
    > remote agent that works), or some form of a backup solution that I can
    > just use
    > Any suggestions?

    Try this:

      On the Fedora boxes, set up a cron job to tarball the directories
      you need to back up.

      Set up a Samba share, and toss the backups into there. Or set up a
      share on the box that is running Veritas, and have the cron job toss
      the tarballs there.

      Have Veritas back up those shares across the net.

    That should get you a temporary fix.

    For a more permanent and less expensive solution, look into Amanda,
    which you already have on your Fedora disti.

    Have you contacted Veritas & if so, was their response useful?

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