Re: No FC2 updates anymore in all repo's?

From: Temlakos (
Date: 05/28/05

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    Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 17:44:39 -0400
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    Andy Green wrote:
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    > Danny Terweij wrote:
    > | --> Finished Dependency Resolution
    > | Error: missing dep: for pkg apt
    > ...
    > | That is the point where I am... i dont know how to solve that.
    > |
    > | Thank you for the help.
    > If I understand this correctly, many of these problems are coming from
    > apps like apt you installed from a non-Fedora RPM, and because you did
    > not add the repo that contains the FC3 version of these non-Fedora RPMs,
    > yum has no way to upgrade them and complains about the old, incompatible
    > libs needed by the FC2 version.
    > My solution would be to rpm -e, for example, apt, synaptic, bittorrent,
    > opensc and as many of the other FC2-specific things you installed that
    > do not have an FC3 version available in Fedora, and do the yum update
    > again and see what errors are left.
    > - -Andy
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    Well then, let's all agree on something: how long after the public
    release of FC4 should we wait until most non-Fedora repos (freshrpms,
    atrpms, dag, dries, etc.) develop their FC4 versions? I assume that
    extras, base, and updates-released are the main Fedora repos that we
    would use.


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