Re: another Yum problem

From: Claude Jones (
Date: 07/13/05

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    To: For users of Fedora Core releases <>
    Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:44:21 -0400

    On Tue July 12 2005 4:53 am, Michael Schwendt wrote:
    > The following information is missing: What distribution version do you
    > use? What distribution version do you want? Judging from your brief
    > list of repositories, it seems you call something "standard", which is
    > not standard. For Fedora Core Development there is no "Livna"
    > repository. "extras" should be "extras-development". And how well kde-
    > redhat plays with Fedora Core Development is unclear, too. You probably
    > want "updates-testing" instead of "development".
    As you and Paul noted, I did indeed have development turned on ( I use KYum
    which has a GUI which makes it very easy to select/deselect repos). I turned
    off development and extras-development, and now I'm down to a list of 55
    updates, but of those, 50 are from updates-testing. I have no more reason to
    have that repo turned on than I had for the other two previously mentioned.

    If one of you guys would like to, I'd be interested in hearing your views on
    when it 'is' appropriate to turn on those repositories.

    Claude Jones
    Bluemont, VA, USA
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