Re: Problem with X11 gdm and login
Date: 08/19/05

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    Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 19:26:50 -0500
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    On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 08:06:19AM -0700, Ali Ghodsian wrote:
    > Hi there!
    > I have installed fedora core 4 via internet.
    > Everything worked just fine. After initiating the
    > system I tried to login but it says
    > can not start the session because of an internal
    > problem.
    > When I check the details it says that either I have
    > problem with installation (which was successfull) or
    > the harddrive is full. I can not login to do anything
    > not even with fail safe session over Xterm.
    > Do I need to reinstall the whole system or .....?
    > Linux Lover
    > /Ali
    I would boot into init level 3. When you see the initial fedora count
    down line hit return. Then when you are on the line with the kernel
    you want to boot hit an a. This will allow you to add a 3 at the end of
    the line. He hit return. When things boot to level 3 try to logon.
    If you can't you will get more useful error messages. Can you
    login to root or only a non root user is giving you trouble?

    Alternates are to boot to init level 1 and check things out since you
    will be root without logging in. Also booting with a rescue disk may be

    If this is not clear ask further questions.

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