Middle Click with Firefox

From: Jonathan Berry (berryja_at_gmail.com)
Date: 08/22/05

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    Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 22:48:45 -0500
    To: FedoraCoreList <fedora-list@redhat.com>

    Hi all,

    I recently noticed in the Windows version of Firefox, I can middle
    click on a tab and Firefox will close that tab. Very handy feature as
    I can close tabs without activating them and without taking the mouse
    all the way over to the right edge. However, this does not seem to
    work in Fedora. I'm guessing It probably has something to do with the
    middle click paste feature of Linux. Does anyone know for certain why
    Firefox does not act the same way between the two OSs? Does the
    mozilla.org very act the same way? I've also noticed that sometimes
    middle clicking on a page (not on a link) will take me to seemingly
    random pages. Some tests just now reveal that the page it goes to
    seems to have something to do with what word was highlighted, like the
    auto copy/paste with the middle button feature. However, I have the
    autoscroll feature enabled where middle clicking allows me to scroll
    the page. Sometimes middle click activates the scroll and sometimes
    it takes me to another page. Anyone else see similar behavior? Is
    there a way to turn this auto-paste behavior off?


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