RE: OT: DNS Failover

From: Mike McGrath (
Date: 08/31/05

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    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:50:22 -0500
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    > I'm curious about how others in the Fedora community are
    doing DNS
    > failover. Specifically I have two sites, one primary
    (in a large city)
    > and one secondary (out in the middle of nowhere). The
    idea is that we'd
    > host DNS out of the secondary site to use the web
    servers in the primary
    > site.
    > My question is how are people handling outages at the
    main site. If the
    > primary site burns down or all the servers get stolen or
    something, is
    > my only option a manual of the configs to point from one
    to the other?

    Please don't post HTML to the list, and this doesn't even come close to
    what I'm looking to do. I know how master and slave DNS works, I'm less
    concerned about the actual DNS server and more concerned about where the
    DNS address is pointing to.


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