Re: Newbie PPC Core 4 questions

From: Adam Boettiger (
Date: 09/22/05

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    Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 18:29:42 -0700
    To: Fedora List <>

    On 9/21/05 9:34 AM, "Michael A. Peters" <> wrote:

    > On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 09:18 -0700, Adam Boettiger wrote:
    >> I've tried downloading the PPC version of Core 4 several times to CD-R.
    >> Mediacheck shows all but the first .iso pass. Regardless of which mirror I
    >> use, the first .iso file always seems to faily the Mediacheck.
    >> I'm wishing to dual-partition my PowerBook G4 with OS X and Core 4. For the
    >> life of me I cannot understand why one file would fail the Media check from
    >> all mirrors.
    > There's a bug in mediacheck. With some CD drives, it is not reliable.

    Okay, mediacheck fails on .iso disc one PPC. But you and others say there is
    a bug in it, so I just continued the install, skipping the check. I get
    initialization lines scrolling on the install of disc 1 for about 30
    seconds, then it just stops and the screen goes blank - even before I can
    get to disc 2 and any configuration of the install.

    I've burned 3 sets of iso files - one directly from the Redhat servers, two
    from different mirrors. The same thing happens every time. I've tried both a
    GUI install hitting return as well as a text install using 'linux
    textinstall' and the same thing happens. I end up each time having to force
    quit the laptop by powering it down holding the power button down until it
    goes off and then restarting it again.

    I can see it's starting Anaconda, so something is happening... Just can't
    get past disc 1.

    The only thing I have not tried is to burn and boot from the single DVD
    image, and that only because my DVD drive is read-only.

    This install is going into an unpartitioned drive so as to let the
    partitioner set optimium settings for swap etc.

    I have ordered Linux Yellow Dog on CD's. Other than going back to Core 3,
    does anyone have anything else I should try?


    Mac PowerBook G4, 80G HD, 20G LaCie external USB drive (yes I called Apple
    and they said I could install it into the external HD...)
    1 GHz RAM, Aluminum PowerBook


    Adam Boettiger
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