FC4 screen resolution problem

From: Jean François Ortolo (ortolojf_at_free.fr)
Date: 10/11/05

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    To: fedora-list@redhat.com
    Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 21:45:02 +0200

      I've got built an AMD64 2GHz, 1 giga-bytes DDR-RAM 400MHz, an ASUS
    A8E-N motherboard, an ASUS GeForce 6200 graphic card, and a LG Flatron
    L1730S monitor. All works fine, except that I cannot set the screen
    resolution above 800x600 pixels.

      Neither the graphic card nor the monitor were identified during the
    install. The default driver vesa was used by the install process.

      Whenever I try to change the screen resolution to 1024x768 in the
    "server settings" menu -> "screen resolution" sub-menu from X as root,
    the xorg.conf file is being changed accordingly by adding the proper
    resolution before the previous one in the Modes lines near the Video
    Card item, however this way, when I run startx, the X server runs, then
    the virtual screen is much smaller than the entire screen, such that no
    button is available on the horizontal menu bar, then I'm obliged to kill
    the X server by hitting Ctrl-BackSpace keys.

      Meanwhile, the Horizontal/Vertical refresh rates of the monitor have
    been set up properly, according to a web site which gives its
    characteristics. I'm pretty sure the characteristics are correct.

      The reason why I get those characteristics from the web site, is I no
    longer have the monitor manual, I don't remember where I left it :(

      I've got this problem before installing the nVidia IA32 driver, and
    after installing it also.

      It seems this problem is not a driver problem, but might be a simple
    configuration problem, but I don't know what to do for solving it.

      I would be fully recognizing for any advice or suggestion, for I need
    to have this resolution set up, and higher resolutions too.

      Many thanks for your help.

      Best regards.

      Jean Francois Ortolo

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