Re: Fedora Core 5 hangs with ldap configured.

Gordon Messmer wrote:
Norm wrote:
Fedora Core 5 hangs with ldap configured.

Whether I attempt to include ldap during the initial install or add it
later Fedora Core 5 seems to always hang at the same point while booting.
It gets to "starting System Message bus" and hangs there. If Ldap is
not included there is no problem.

Are you sure that you're running FC5? I saw that problem during FC5
test 3, but it was fixed before the actual release.

I can confirm that this also happened to me on two fresh fc5 installs.
When I tested, I found that if I told ldap to use TLS, it was an issue
because there is no way to download and install the CAcert
( root CA certificate and place it in
/etc/openldap/cacerts during the install, so TLS would fail. If I told
it not to use TLS, it worked.



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