Re: How to use dvgrab.

On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 17:44 -0400, Mike Chalmers wrote:

1. When I type in dvgrab in the terminal, it only works from the
terminal. There is no gui. I need the gui so that I can use it

It depends on the workflow.
Most people (myself included) just dump the whole tape onto the drive
and do all processing (cut, edit, join, etc.) afterwards. This is the
recommended technique in pretty much all cases.
In that case, dvgrab works pretty well. Here are my scripts to create
DVDs out of DV tapes:

But if you _must_ use a GUI, I suggest taking a look at Kino - of which
dvgrab implements only a fraction of functionality.

I use Kino with dvgrab - I just capture everything with dvgrab (because
it's simple and lightweight) then any trimming that's necessary is done
with Kino. At the end, the DVD script takes care of the conversion to

Florin Andrei

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