Re: linux BIOS

Thufir wrote:

Has anyone out there installed linux into their flash ROM for better
booting? Just curious :)

Yes... in fact this was how the first Linux ran on the Xbox.

But there are drawbacks for desktop use. You have to bring up the motherboard like the old BIOS did before running Linux, that means specific support is needed for your motherboard. If it is listed here

then fine, otherwise you are looking at a lot of work for uncertain benefit. Typically the initscripts are taking much more time than grabbing the kernel from HDD and getting through that part of the boot.

With a Fedora kernel, you need some space for the initrd. Updating your kernel no longer fits into the Fedora model either.

Better solution for fast boot, try hibernate. On current development kernels, Hibernate is working on this laptop for the first time and it is a very nice improvement.


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