Re: Fedora 6 is not able to install in PIII, 256MB SD RAM, 1.3GHz

Just Do it wrote:
Thanks *Jensen for quick reply!!!

I tried.. the server....but fails..
tried with only KDE...only GNOME...but fails...

Also tried to deselect few un-neccsary package..from custum installation...but fails..

:*( Not working!!!
On 1/11/07, *R. Jensen* <linuxuser@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:linuxuser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Just Do it wrote:
> Fedora 6 installation is not working in PIII, 256MB SD RAM(2
stick), 1.3GHz
> Each time I try to install it hang during the installation
> time at different location....
> I try with all possible option available in fedora 6 I
> fails..

I have installed FC6 + Eclipse on a 5GB partition on an old Dell
Inspiron 4100 laptop: 256MB of RAM, Pentium III, etc.

I used the graphical installer, from the DVD image of FC6 which I had
used successfully before to install on an old HP Pavilion [Also a
Pentium III
but with 320MB RAM].

However, for the laptop install I unchecked ALL packages (no
and only after the install succeeded did I install Eclipse and the
GCC tool chain

I don't know if that will help or not.


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Hold the phone.

How much memory can your motherboard accept? 256 MB sounds like half the capacity that a Pentium-3 motherboard ought to have.

The first thing--the /very/ first thing--that I do when acquiring a new system is to equip the motherboard with as much memory as it will accept and recognize. 512 MB /minimum/ is what I would recommend.


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