Re: Disable in X the restart/shutdown by user. How?

I'm still a week behind in reading up on all the various mailinglists,
but from a quick scan I think this has not been answered yet, at least
not in the way that works for me.

What works, is to configure gdm. Gnome seems to use that configuration
too for displaying shutdown/reboot in the menu and on the logout box.
Edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf and set SystemMenu=false (I'm not sure if the
original contained a line SystemMenu=true, if so, change it, else add
the line, it's in the [greeter] section

That takes care of the settings in Gnome. On FC5 it also removed the
shutdown and reboot buttons from the gdm login screen, as one would
expect. In FC6, these buttons are still there, but they don't work.
I guess that qualifies as a bug but I had not bothered to file it in
bugzilla yet.

(BTW: if anyone cares: the bug is in the FedoraDNA gdm theme; I'll look
up my notes and file the bug in bugzilla)

David Jansen

On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 03:23:35AM -0800, Rob wrote:


This is getting really on my nerves.

I'm running FC6.
I easily could disable the restart/shutdown buttons
at the X login screen. Somehow there is a utility
that let me do that by configuring the layout of
the X login display.

However, upon X logout, the user gets a 'confirm'
window to really logout, which is good, but
unfortunately there is also the two buttons to
restart and shutdown the whole system.
I would like to have the latter two disabled.

I've tried several things to no avail:
1) Changes in /etc/security/console.apps/
2) Changes in /etc/pam.d/

Searching the web for solutions, gave me several
solutions that did not work; neither did they work
for those who asked the questions...

So why is this so magically difficult?
Are reboot and shutdown buttons these days hard
coded into the system, like in MS-Windows ;( ?

I hope someone can shine some light on this issue.

Thank you!

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