Re: How to set up mirrors in Smart Package Manager?

Em Sexta 26 Janeiro 2007 13:24, Aaron Konstam escreveu:
On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 22:25 -0500, oleksandr korneta wrote:
on 01/23/2007 07:42 AM Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
Hi, people

Tired of the well known yum/yumex incredible slowness, I'm
experimenting with Smart Package Manager. I must say I'm impressed with
some of its capabilities, like the fast parallel download of files, the
possibility to revert a package to an older version from within the
GUI, to use a directory with a bunch of RPMs as a repo and to easily
set up removable repos, among others useful features. Not having to
download and rebuild the package catalogs every time you run the
program or install a package saves much time too.
However, I did not understand very well how to configure mirrors for
channels. My doubts are the following:
1. Is there a way to use a mirrorlist URL, like yum?
2. What is the difference between adding a mirror channel (Edit ->
Channels -> New -> Provide channel information -> Mirror Information)
and adding a mirror (Edit -> Mirrors -> New)?
3. How to use the first of the above mentioned options?
3.1. Should I add a mirror channel for each mirror of a repo or
just one channel for all of them?
3.2. How should I use the "File URL" field? Is this a local path to
a text file with the mirrors' informations? How should this file be
3.3. If a mirror channel for each mirror should be added, their
name should all be the same? And in this case, what should I fill up in
"File URL"?
4. About "Edit -> Mirrors -> New", do I have to fill up the channel URL
in "Origin URL" and the mirror URL in "Mirror URL" for each mirror of
the same repo, one by one? Isn't there a better way to add mirrors?

I cant really answer any of your questions, but just want to mention
that I am using smart for almost 2 years with fedora (after apt4rpm yum
makes me sick) and I never bothered to set any additional mirrors for
the channels. I didnt manage to find any ready-to-use configuration and
I am too lazy to do it completely myself. But I found that smart works
just fine even without this. Of course there was couple times when the
default mirror was down, but It came back up later and I didnt have to
worry much about that.

sorry for

I don't understand you post. When I install smart I don't get a livna
channel. When I try add one I get in trouble because smart is not smart
enough to interpret the variables in the yum repo's baseurls. With the
livna channel one gets in trouble because it can't handle multiple
baseurls in the same channel (as yumex doesn't). It is certainly not as
intuitive to use as yumex is. I can't understand why smart does not have
a function to convert all the yum repos to channels automatically.

Because smart was not designed to be used specifically with Fedora/Red Hat. It
is a generic package manager, suitable for several distributions and
packaging schemes, and not many of these distributions use yum.
Of course, an automatic conversion of yum repositories would be useful, but it
seems no one yet have wished this feature badly enough, once no one has
programmed it so far.


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