Re: Ubuntu 1, Fedora 0

On 3/16/07, Timothy Murphy <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yesterday I downloaded and burnt the Ubuntu Live CD (6.06),
and it worked like perfectly on the 4 machines I tried it on.

The rather ancient version of Knoppix I have
also works perfectly on all the machines I have tried it on.

I downloaded and burnt the Fedora-7 Test Live CD some time ago,
and this does not boot on any machine I've tried it on.

I asked a few weeks ago if anyone had successfully booted from this CD,
but I only got advice on how to test the CD;
nobody replied that they had actually got it to work.

In my experience there is something basically wrong
with the CD reading part of Fedora CDs,
as many people report problems installing Fedora this way.

I have had mostly success in booting the F7 Test LiveCD. I think it
didn't work with one machine of mine but worked in several others. I
was actually quite surprised that Compiz worked on a few.

They have done a good job so far AFAICT but obviously the job is not
done (that is what the "Test" means). Comparing stable releases to
test releases is unfair. What might make your posting less trolling
FUD and more useful is if you actually posted the specs of your
machines (including CD-ROM models) where if failed allowing the devs
in charge of that project to make it better and maybe make it work for
you in the future. You also might try reburning the CD and maybe doing
a media check before booting to it.

Generic "You suck and someone else is better" messages are rarely
helpful and rarely receive friendly responses. "You suck and here are
the specific details about how you suck" get a slightly better


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