Re: [Fedora] Re: RAID-1 Question

"Ashley M. Kirchner" <ashley@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
The reason I ask is because we can't have this amount of down time
when doing this. I need to be able to run this machine with minimal
downtime. So I need to figure out a way to be able to add drives,
grow the RAID, and at the same time keep running while this is all
happening. Sounds like having the BIOS manage the RAID is not the way
to go because it takes too long.

My machine was running the whole time I was rearranging things, except
for the few minutes it took to physically swap disks (hot swap doesn't
work). The logical volumes I was moving around were *in use* while I
was moving them. That's why I do it that way. If your hardware does
hot swap, there's no need to stop *anything* if you use my system.

The only catch is that you should use explicit FSIDs when exporting,
to avoid the "stale nfs handle" when you reboot, but this is a feature
of LVM, not raid.

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