Re: Having an Evolution and Mail notification Problem?

Les Mikesell wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:

Cut out all the other stuff.

I am watching Openchange and the progress of their MAPI lib to see if it can be used regularly. I have also submitted the info the the TB site to see if they could start using it.

If IT would only give IMAP or POP access to the Exchange Server, all would be good.

Yes, exchange is a surprisingly good IMAP server (2000 or later anyway), but you can't get the calendar that way and if there are a lot of public folders on the server you need a client that can be configure to only show subscribed folders (apple mail can't...). I think everything should work through imaps too if your admin is concerned about security.
You might be able to set up a server-side rule to forward or copy to another server that would be easier to use. I use gmail for most mail list traffic but pick it up with fetchmail so I can access it with imap. This would also let me sort with procmail if I wanted.

Our IT staff are being told by someone new to the organization that it is exchange and only exchange. No forwarding or anything else. They even toasted our mail lists and supports mail lists for a few months.

No Imap, No pop. This even upsets our local IT staff.

I think the issues that I am having but you don't experience are because I am not using Imap. I find Evolution works just like Outlook which I hated worse than Internet Explorer in those few months I used Windows. I played and played with all the settings for checking mail and processing mail.

What I found was slowing the system down in regards to using filters was it took forever to scan the messages and process them. I am not the only person having these issues here. Even one of our IT members has the same issues.

I will look at setting up an imap server on my computer once I install FC7.

As for hotkeys, I don't really need them.

I won't look at Evolution until I see some changes that make it worth my time. I really hate the way addresses are shown in the compose applet. I prefer the individual line for each address. I also don't like the date display for messages. I find the "Today, Yesterday ..." to be confusing and distracting when I am scanning lists. But that is my personal preference. I still like Pine and use it for most of my system admin mail. :)

Due to the move to M$ Exchange Server,
anything that is a priority, please phone.
Robin Laing

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