Re: Please test if your Fedora 7 has this bug...

On 6/4/07, Valent Turkovic <valent.turkovic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi I posted this bug to bugzilla:

you can see the video and the bug here:

The issue is really easy to reproduce;

shutdown firefox

mv .mozilla .mozilla.bkp
mv .macromedia .macromedia.bkp

<repeat 5 times>

and then launch firefox and go to - and try to
install flash plugin.

Close Firefox

rm .mozilla
rm .macromedia

</repeat 5 times>

and then restore your firefox settings from backup:

rm .mozilla
rm .macromedia

mv .mozilla.bkp .mozilla
mv .macromedia.bkp .macromedia

then report back to bugzilla (or here on the mailing list) how many
installs of flash succeeded and how much of them failed.

this is an easy task, and then we will see if this is a issue happened by some
off chance only to me or this is a bug.

I don't see how you don't see the problem here. I posted a bug also
for fedora 7 test 4, it happened there also... and how it happened
again... so you draw your own conclusions...

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Installing flashplayer that way has never worked for me. I just create
a yum repo for flash install/upgrade. That way all users get the same
version of flash. No duplicates. No wasted drive space.

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