Re: Error: Missing Dependency: xine-lib = 1.1.7 is needed by package xine-lib-extras-nonfree

On 17/06/07, David Boles wrote:
>>> We talk about "broken dependencies" as in "broken RPM package
>>> dependencies", not about bugs in the software.
>> Ok. Which of those broken dependencies listed in the report directly
>> affects you?
> That doesn't matter at all. Just because the list contains packages,
> which you don't use, does not imply that no other users use any of
> these packages.

I don't see any of them complaining on this list as you have done. Have
you? Names please.

Eh? Are you confused about the history of this thread? Re-read it,
please. Where did I complain?

Users, who are burnt by broken deps regularly more often are pissed
off and try out alternative distributions, if they are not loyal and
patient enough to submit bug reports. Apart from that, fedora-list is
just one communication channel. There are message boards, blog
entries, enough place where to criticise broken updates.

Whether negative feedback is seen as complaints or as helpful input is
a matter of perspective. For those, who are involved in Fedora and
Livna package releases, such feedback leads to conclusions and

>> Did you file a bug report about it?
> Package maintainers receive the broken deps reports by private mail.
> That is sufficient, since very often packages only need a rebuild and
> no modifications. Using automated bugzilla ticket submissions would be
> a more aggressive form.

This is mainly volunteers that you are talking about here. People that
have families, real jobs, maybe like do a little fishing, watch a movie
once in while, and do the 'maintaining' in their free time. For free. Do
you really think that you can demand someone who is doing the work for
no money and who is going to provide the package(s) for nothing to jump
through hoops because you are upset that things don't happen with a snap
of your fingers? So why don't you do this yourself? be a maintainer I mean.

See for some of my
Fedora related activity.

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