Re: NFS: permission denied. Help?

On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 17:40 -0600, David G. Miller wrote:
Gilboa Davara <gilboad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 22:13 +0300, Gilboa Davara wrote:

Hello all,

I've got a private network that been running flawlessly for years. (With
minor/major upgrade now and then)
My file server is running CentOS5 (SELinux targeted) and my Workstation
is running FC6. (SELinux disabled)
I'm trying to access a certain NFS share on my workstation (from the
CentOS server) and I'm getting "EACCESS" when I try to mount the share.
(using autofs and manual mount)
A couple of things:
1. The setup has been working perfectly up until two days ago. No idea
what changed.
2. autofs fails silently while manual mount fails on "Permission
3. /etc/hosts is valid. I can ping from each machine from the other.
4. /etc/hosts.allow/deny are empty.
5. This is not an SELinux problem. (SELinux running on the client),
using wireshark I can detect the error coming from the server.
6. There's nothing in /var/log/messages on both ends. (Only the usual
"authenticated mount request from blah for blah.)
7. I restarted the nfs, portmap and autofs service. Nada.


- Gilboa

OK. Tried mount the NFS from the workstation itself and it failed.
NFS seems to be broken :(
Hey Gilboa -

Just the usual advice of turn off the firewall and put SELinux into
permissive mode on the workstation long enough to see if you can then do
the mount. Also, what version of CentOS is your server running and what
version of NFS are we talking about? Lastly, when were you last able to
mount a share on your workstation from the server? It sounds like this
isn't how you normally run your network.

To reduce the noise I'm trying to mount the NFS partitions on the
workstation itself. (With both iptables and selinux disabled)
No go.

$ rpm -qa | grep nfs-utils

I just had printing stop working from my wife's Windoze box to my Samba
server because an update had overwritten /etc/cups/mime.types. She
doesn't print that much so no idea how long ago it was when the change

As far as I could see, NFS was updated close to a month ago.
However, the machine got rebooted two days ago (Which restarted the NFS
daemon) - which in-turn broke the NFS configuration.

- Gilboa

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