Re: package-cleanup --problems

Joel Gomberg wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 17:37 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
Geeze I'm stupid. I tried yum package-cleanup --problems and got nothing but errors. Then I tried # package-cleanup --problems and it did that. It listed the problems I have outstanding. Now I can yum them and get going. Glad none are serious.


Do oyu mean : yum clean packages

No, I don't think he does. If you have yum-utils installed, try man

Yes let me try to be more clear. First you need to get the yum-utils installed. You do this in this way:

# yum install yum-utils

This gets the utils installed. I check it this way, in a root Terminal:

# package-cleanup

and you will get a response giving all the options available. If you get "no such file" then you don't have yum-utils installed.

Now, to check for problems use this:

# package-cleanup --problems

You will get a list of missing Dependant rpm files you can then get yum to install for you.

I hope this is clear and everyone can see what this does.


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