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Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Nah, it's not closer. It's just that rpm is getting crappier every
year, and is long overdue for replacement.

I could easily be mistaken, but AFAIK, the main difference in speed
that end users notice between yum and apt is due to the fact that apt
caches it's metadata. In between runs of apt-get update, calls to
apt-get use the data on disk without hitting the network. With yum,
the update and upgrade steps from apt-get are both done in the update.

Using apt-get on a Debian-based system certainly seems faster (for as
often as I've used it). But I'm not at all sure that this has much,
if anything to do with rpm versus dpkg.

The rpm included in Fedora hasn't really changed much in the past few
years, so I'm not sure how it would be getting crappier[1]. Care to

[1] rpm is finally getting some love and updates in rawhide.

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